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Many people are interested in collecting antique beer advertising signs today. Some are collecting only one brand name, and others are collecting based upon personal tastes, brewery locations, or for specific items included in the artwork such as children, cars, or military scenes. Antique beer signs can also come in a wide variety of materials that also have collectors specializing in buying signs such as those on reverse painted glass, paper, fabrics, tin, or made in neon lights or enameled examples.

A very popular area of collecting in antique beer advertising signs has always been seen in local and small brewery examples from prior to or during prohibition. Artwork on antique beer advertising signs before prohibition was often done by highly skilled artists to mimic very high-quality art. During prohibition, when the breweries found that they could not make or advertise beer, beer advertising signs continued to be used with quick changes selling soda water added. At times, these hastily changed signs are very comical, and they have a wide variety of people who are always constantly searching to buy them.

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Antique neon PILSNER URQUELL beer sign
Antique neon PILSNER URQUELL beer sign
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Vintage Pruce beer bottle Christin Quebec advertising sign
Vintage Pruce beer bottle Christin Quebec advertising sign
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Antique beer signs, reproduction antique beer signs, and fantasy antique beer signs are all hot items that collectors enjoy searching for. Common brands such as Coors and Budweiser have a very large sign collector following that are always looking for interesting examples of signs with their favorite name on them. Antique signs with these two companies can include sports themes, local event promotions, and pretty women dressed in the latest antique fashions. Antique beer advertising signs are fun to collect due to the wide variety of signs that are available.

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