Antique Joe Camel Advertising Signs

Joe Camel is the signature cartoon character for the R. J. Reynolds cigarette product called Camel Cigarettes. The Camel brand of cigarettes has had a camel on their product package since 1913. Antique Camel advertising made between 1913 and 1987 is not featuring the highly desirable newer Joe Camel cartoon character advertising that collectors are seeking out today.

The earliest Joe Camel signs were made in advertising formats for the European audience. Some collectors consider these unusual looking Joe Camel signs the antique Joe Camel signs in this area of collectibles. The word ‘antique’ does not actually apply to any Joe Camel paraphernalia because the Joe Camel character was born in 1974 for Europe, and in 1988 for America, so that he is still classified under collectible status until he reaches age 50 in America, or age 100 in Europe.
Joe Camel: Open Close sign
Joe Camel: Open Close sign
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Early Joe Camel signs in America made their appearance in 1988 for the cigarette brand 75th anniversary. When the advertising campaign started, lots of different types of signs were distributed as advertising items to merchants in all areas of America. Instantly, these signs were being squirreled away into budding collections by smokers and non-smokers alike who were speculating on the future worth of this charismatic cartoon character. People have always loved to collect the colorful Joe Camel signs.

Today, we are in a very special time for those who enjoy collecting antique or collectible Joe Camel signs. Some of the very desirable older sign collections are being offered for sale to the public by former collectors who are now following the anti-smoking lifestyle trends. As these signs appear on the marketplace, they are being eagerly snatched up by a whole new generation of people who have fallen in love with the older Joe Camel signs.

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